Monday, March 23, 2009

What petrifies me about the future..... NOT a deficit passed onto generations. While I want to avoid that from happening... What really scares me, what really keeps me up at night.... is the thought that when my kids graduate from college they won't have any healthcare... or they'll be paying all of their paycheck for healthcare. Now if god forbid, they have to pay some extra taxes to ensure the safety of their health... that's okay. I'd rather they live a long, healthy life achieving their potential... not being held back merely because they're in poor health and can't physically do it.

If you don't work in the healthcare industry and only access it rarely.... then maybe you don't truly see the serious problems there are with it. People who think they have coverage get denied... or if something is found to be a preexisting condition .. they don't cover it. That is just a ridiculous assumption that people will always be in good health when they get insurance. Obviously it's the people that have problems that really need the insurance. Despite what people tell you, it's not always poor lifestyle choices that lead to horrible diseases. Quite often, it's genetics and if you get born into a family without good health, then you pay dearly.

I have insurance... but we almost had it taken away this year because it was too costly for my company. This makes me very fearful for what is in store for next year.

It's time has come. We just need to buckle down and do this. I can't understand any argument the Republicans (or the traitor democrats) could make NOT to do this. It's the biggest burden on the taxpayers now! Might as well fix the problem and save $$$ in the long run... the deficit will take care of itself.


Michelle said...

As the mom of a 17 month old boy with a congenital heart valve defect, I HEAR YOU!!! I have these same fears and it paralyzes me some days. My husband has excellent insurance and loves his job, but we can never, ever leave now. God forbid his position is eliminated! I hate where we live, but will suck up the desert heat and ugly scenery if it means my son has coverage. Such a sad statement.

Monkey Girl said...

This year I suspect our out-of-pocket health care money spent will be in excess of $10,000 maybe closer to $15,000. And we have what is considered good healthcare coverage. My husband's company pays $1,000/month for a family of 4...and so far this year they've rejected EVERY claim our doctor's have sent in and told them to apply the charges to our deductible. So what that means is they'll gladly take our $1,000/month that's $12,000/year and on top of that they want us to pay $4,000/deductible per person, $9,000 per family before they pay anything...I've never heard of such a thing. So that's $12,000 + $9,000/family of four...=$21,000/year out of pocket= totally ridiculousness.
It would be cheaper if my husband and I divorced, that way I'd be a single mom with no income and then qualify for aid from the state. Isn't that sad.

Jen said...

Michelle - Welcome to our liberal world here! It's unfortunate when we are imprisoned by our jobs for the benefits. I made that decision 3 years ago to change jobs and I had comfy benefits then... Great health insurance... I just don't understand how we pick which people get to live or die by whether or not they have access to insurance.

MG - You are a prime example of the people that have insurance but end up getting screwed by them. It's so appalling. It makes me real angry.

Charlotte said...

My husband is a physician and is always appalled when his treatments are denied, or he is forced to make a pt. jump through hoops before they can get the treatment they need now. It's absurd and disgusting and dangerous.

cancer mommy said...

MG, I have the same problem at my house. Too high deductible to matter much. Although I was very happy to have "good" coverage when I was diagnosed with cancer. The year before we were considering going to a catastrophic plan because of the high premiums. All I can say is WHEW!!

I heard there was a great Frontline the other night on the deficit. I hope they replay it, because I missed it!

kittykittykittykittykittykitty said...

Geez. You must really hate your kid, not being concerned about his future and all.

Meh, who cares if we spend a bazillion dollars we don't have. Just so long as it's little Johnny who has to pay it back and not me.


Jen said...

Yeah, that's nice for you to blow my statement WAY out of proportion... That's why we're so divided these days because people are so judgemental. Obviously, I'd like to have a surplus vs a deficit.. but not at the risk of my child not having healthcare, or being able to afford healthcare.