Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG...and capitalism... and republicans!!!!!!!!!

Okay... so nobody likes that AIG execs are taking this bonus. Yes, there should have been a clause in the TARP legislation that prevented this from taking place. Yes, they should do everything they can to keep them from keeping the money.

But, you can't blame this on Obama. Sure, he may have been able to handle this better.... but I still maintain that he ...
a. inherited most of this.
b. is still getting used to the office of president. (how long does it take YOU to adjust to a new job?
c. couldn't possibly know what's in every contract of every person working for every company that received bailout money.

We need to be patient. Recovery takes time. We are too used to getting what we want when we want it these days, it's ridiculous.

And NOW the republicans are INSISTING that the White House take action to get the bonuses stripped. This is LAUGHABLE given that they have been saying all along that government is too big, we need less government, government should stay out of the free market, we can't nationalize the banks....

BUT, we can dishonor contracts because THEY are outraged?!?! Where were they the last 20 freakin' years when they were obliterating regulations that would have prevented this crisis ALL together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They CANNOT have it both ways. In fact, they should just shut their pieholes until they can actually say something that makes any kind of sense. Where was their outrage when union workers had their pay cut!?!? When they made concessions to give up their wages to keep their jobs?!?! Where was their anger THEN!!!!!!!

For the love of god, please explain this to me.


cancer mommy said...

I'm with ya! The Bush administration started this whole bailout thing, and they didn't want to put any restrictions on the money for fear that it would hasten recovery, or some such nonsense. And now they're outraged?! WTF?

Things are so backwards these days.

Monkey Girl said...

It actually made my blood boil when I read how Repubs were saying, "Obama's been in office 6 weeks already, stop complaining about the Bush admin. and own up" You are kidding me, right?

8 YEARS of NO accountability, 8 years of making his buddies rich, 8 years of letting wall street do their own checks and balances...yeah, that works.

6 weeks should about be long enough. Ha. Ha.