Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Potpourri of things.

Gosh, I've been so busy lately. Getting over some illness... work is crazy aside from all the other daily things.

So, my son had his 2 year check up and he's a big boy now. 36" tall, weighs 31#.
He's still not really talking. I should clarify, he babbles and communicates with us perfectly, but he just struggles for actual words. Occasionally, he'll bust out with a loud "Ma", otherwise it's all babble. My doctor thinks he's a boy and a first child and he'll get there. But to make me feel better we're going to try to get him a little speech therapy. I think he just needs someone to set him on the right track to get him started.

I really am enjoying the discussion on the last post. I think Jennifer hit the nail on the head, which leads me to wonder... Why do moms fight against each other. Why is it working moms vs. SAHMs? Breastfeeding moms vs. non-breastfeeding moms? There are so many groups and different types of moms that we should be drawing from each others' experiences rather than fighting against each other.

Suburban Psychotic - I've been trying to comment on your blog and I keep getting errors. Just wanted you to know that. :D

Ethanol - So there are some politicians that are trying to get the amount of ethanol allowed in our gasoline raised. I have mixed feelings about this. As a "Green" individual, I like the idea that it is a reusable resources as in we can always grow corn... but there are some concerns I have that you never hear addressed. What about the effects of ethanol on our cars. I have heard many mechanics coming out saying that the parts we use in our cars are just not compatible with ethanol. I can't remember specifics, forgive me... but
Also, there's no doubt that farmers are going to want to grow corn because they know they can make money on it and therefore they will plant less of other things. This is troubling because the biodiversity of our crops is important. Also, then the prices will go very high on the few of the other crops that they ARE growing. As a dietitian, I worry about these things. Affordable, healthy food is important to our country and if we start to make this unattainable, then I worry about the future health of our children.

And lastly, but not least... Monkey girl was kind enough to give me an award. I do hope, that you will check out her blog.


PunkyBean said...

Your two year old is almost as big as my three year old! He's tall!

The talking thing - pretty soon he won't shut up!

Monkey Girl said...

A little speech therapy won't hurt, but just remember each little monkey works at their own pace.

My youngest (now 10) barely talked. I later figured most of us did all the talking for her, so she never felt the need to try. She's a non-stop talker now, literally. Most sentences start off like this, "Mom, I have a question..." It's sweet, but after the 150th question, Mom gets a little tired and just wants to put tape over her mouth. :)

Your bloggy award is so well deserved. You're an inspiration and I love to read your website everyday!

Sue Jacquette said...

Hey, I wrote a long comment on your last post and just looked back there and it's gone. Did it not actually post?

Jen said...

Sue - I don't recall seeing a post from you on the last one?

PB- That is what my mom says too! haha that I'll be wanting him to be quiet once he does start talking.

MG - It's amazing how well they get their point/needs across without speaking. The other day he climbed up on the stool, grabbed his plate and spoon and brought to my husband to let us know he was hungry. haha

Charlotte said...

Hee hee my youngest will be 2 on March 28th and he is the same size as your son and talks just as much. Being the mom of 2 boys and a girl, I wouldn't sweat the talking thing, yet. My boys babbled along until 2 and a half and then all of a sudden took off with their speech. My daughter on the other hand looked at our cat when she was 9 months old and said, "Hi Oscar". Every monkey is different especially girl and boy monkeys. : )