Friday, March 27, 2009

Please Explain this to me.

I have been asking this question lately... and I've gotten a range of reponses, but NO explanation.

I can't understand this. So... in regards to embryonic stem cell research.
If embryos are going to be destroyed (say extras that are left from IV fertilization)... what is the difference between destroying them, or using them for research?
I mean really... please give me some serious answers.

So far I've gotten "You really shouldn't talk about this." " I have feelings about this." "You never know what people are thinking."

DUH!!! I WANT to know what people are thinking. To me, it makes NO sense.


Lil' Woman said...

Another blog I follow asked this question (but it was more on the conservative side and in the light of tax dollars being used) as well...take a look if you'd like:

-I honestly don't see what the huge deal is with stem cell research. I can understand both sides of the arguements but if it will be disposed of anyway than WHY NOT use to it research and possibly help the future generations that our children and grandchildren will live in. They're not picking and choosing and killing they are taking ones that would have been destroyed anyway and putting them to good use. and it baffles me that same people that are pro-life and have such conviction against abortions and stem cell research are the same people that fully support the death penalty and loose gun rights.

I don't know.

Tracy said...

Lil Woman brings a perfect point- I consider it just one more in a long line of contradictions of Conservatives:
“it baffles me that same people that are pro-life and have such conviction against abortions and stem cell research are the same people that fully support the death penalty and loose gun rights.”

Conservatives also believe that government should stay completely out of our finances, yet they want to rule everyone else’s morality. They tout the importance of Christianity, yet they have little mercy for the underprivileged...obviously, I could go on and on.

Conservative views are a series of never-ending contradictions because they want to have it "their way" while wearing the false cloak of Democracy and Truth. It's little surprise, though, since the Puritans came here to escape their own persecution, not so they could found a free world, but so that they could control things for their own agenda. Conservatives are just modern Puritans.

Tracy said...

Sorry, I never actually answered the question: There shouldn't be a problem pursuing stem cell research, but it's just one more example of Conservative contradiction.

mommapolitico said...

Well said, Lil' Woman and Tracy! The difference is simple to most rational, thinking adults: in one case, some good comes of the research, and in the other case, the cells are destroyed as they become no longer viable. It's when the hypocrisy of the conservative right jumps into the mix that the nonsense starts.

Having used the "rational thought"
phrase, I'm sure the accusations of humanism and atheism will arise. For the record, I'm a Catholic, and know that we were given the capability to use our abilities to make the lives of our fellow men and women better. My conscience is clear on that matter.

Monkey Girl said...

Here's my two cents...

I'm for stem-cell research. Anyway we can discover ways to save lives...I'm for it.

My father died at age 51 from a brain tumor, inoperable. If he'd lived ten more years, the new technology would have helped him. The survival rate of his particular kind has gone from 2% survival rate to 65%...that's huge in only ten years.

Here's my controversial two cents... if stem call research helped MEN from getting any kind of MALE cancer...every conservative prick (religious or not) would be voting for stem-cell research. Period.

Mimi said...

I am a Christian-Democratic woman. No those 2 things are not mutually exclusive.

I have no idea why this is a problem.

I believe what Monkey Girl said to be true. Not enough rich conservative men need this.

Nancy Reagan is a prime example. I wish more politically connected could speak up & really say what they think instead of towing the party line.

Jen said...

Thanks guys.... I am so anxious to have someone explain the other viewpoint to me, cuz it just doesn't make sense.

LW - I'll have to check that link out.

Mimi - Welcome. You are so right about Nancy Reagan. It's amazing how a point of view can change when you personally are affected by a certain situation.