Wednesday, March 11, 2009

National Registered Dietitian's Day!

Today is the second ever Registered Dietitian's Day.
March is National Nutrition Month.

If you visit my sister blog "A Working Mom trying to go Green." you will find a post about the "Blog Carnival". Several RD's did a post today talking about what they are doing as RD's. There are many links of the fellow RD's who've posted... Check them out as they are doing great things.
I'm hopeful that my profession will be more useful with the Health Care Reform that will hopefully take place. As more focus will be put on Prevention of illnesses, that leaves a big demand for our services. Right now, Insurance companies don't pay for a visit to a Dietitian unless one has Diabetes or Renal Disease. What better way to save money than to prevent these things or others from happening in the first place. By properly fueling your body and exercising, you can maintain a healthy life.

Anyway, just wanted to toot my own horn! and give a shout out to the incredibly talented individuals who are trying to make our services matter!

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PunkyBean said...

Yeah! My cousin is a Registered Dietitian. I wish I was! I seem to be overly interested in the subject (just can't follow it! Chips are too yummy to stop at eight!)