Thursday, November 19, 2009

How does she look at herself in the mirror?

It's so amazing to me how Sarah Palin can tell bald faced lies. I mean, she knows that there is videotape of her saying the complete opposite.

For instance... now she says she never had a family vote on whether to run for VP, and during the campaign she told Sean Hannity that the girls voted on it.

News networks have been showing many instances of this... I don't get it? She knows she's going to be caught in lies, does she not care? Do the people not care?

And she honestly thinks that Glenn Beck would be a good running mate. She wasn't kidding when she said that....

AND, did you see the clip of her being asked about Iran by Sean Hannity and she answers by talking about Ahmadinijad and IRAQ? I mean, she doesn't know the difference?

Keep letting her talk about policy, cuz she will make an absolute fool of herself... but I just don't know what kind of a GOOD mother would teach her kids that lying is acceptable.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here's the solution to healthcare.

I've given it some thought.
We need to get rid of health insurance alltogether.

Now bear with me, I've not lost my mind.
But, suppose we have no health insurance. Doctors will have to charge rates that people can afford. Naturally, competition would kick in so that the prices would be comparable with the market and what people could afford. There wouldn't be all that overhead to pay for lobbyists, CEO salaries and benefits, or advertising.

I mean, it is the way that things used to be done.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A couple of thoughts.

Hi all. Been busy, been sick.. you name it.

First of all, Someone needs to put a muzzle on Liz Cheney... I mean really. We've come to a time where she'll even criticize the President paying respects to dead soldiers returning. I mean WHO CARES how Bush dealt with it. Obama is his own man. And it's not like he asked the Press to come along so we could see him there. The press is mandated to go.

Secondly... I'm as Woman's rights as the next lady... but of all the fights there are, is it best to focus our time on the fact that President Obama plays basketball with men and no women. I mean, how many women honestly could play basketball at that level where it would be a challenge for the president. Let the man have his recreation.

Thirdly, if I see one more ad for the 23rd Congressional seat. I might just lose my mind. It would be different if I got to vote in that damn election.