Thursday, November 19, 2009

How does she look at herself in the mirror?

It's so amazing to me how Sarah Palin can tell bald faced lies. I mean, she knows that there is videotape of her saying the complete opposite.

For instance... now she says she never had a family vote on whether to run for VP, and during the campaign she told Sean Hannity that the girls voted on it.

News networks have been showing many instances of this... I don't get it? She knows she's going to be caught in lies, does she not care? Do the people not care?

And she honestly thinks that Glenn Beck would be a good running mate. She wasn't kidding when she said that....

AND, did you see the clip of her being asked about Iran by Sean Hannity and she answers by talking about Ahmadinijad and IRAQ? I mean, she doesn't know the difference?

Keep letting her talk about policy, cuz she will make an absolute fool of herself... but I just don't know what kind of a GOOD mother would teach her kids that lying is acceptable.


mommapolitico said...

Amazing, isn't it, Jen? Well, my dream ticket is Palin and anybody else for 2012. We will be assured a Democratic victory!

Our kids learn from our actions, not our words. Too bad for her kids that she can't get her actions and words to match...she can't even get her words and her words to match!

Did you see the Fallon Show spoof of Going Rogue, with Rachel Maddow? Very funny. That's the one thing Palin is good for - comic relief.

Monkey Girl said...


I only watched 10 minutes of her on Oprah that a friend dvr-ed for me.

Here's how I see it.

When you're a dumb as a doornail...
there ain't a lot you can say that will make sense of be believable.

There is definitely is nonsense blowing in between those two ears of hers...but I'm sure she just thinks it's the wind.

Good Charlie Brown would say.

Sue said...

Here's the thing about her. If she really had designs on running in the future, you would think she would fix what was clearly her problem the first time around... foreign policy. Go travel the world, meet with generals and foreign leaders. Study a map, read the newspaper. Instead she quit on her state and went on a press tour. Clearly she really just wants to be a celebrity. She reminds me of that Kate person from that tv show with all the kids. Why do people know you again?

Anonymous said...
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mommapolitico said...

Hey, Jen,
Just wanted to wish you and your beautiful family a happy and healthy 2010! Keep putting your voice out there - you have plenty to say and I enjoy your perspective immensely!