Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Helllloooo? Palin fanatics!!!

I read a comment somewhere that a woman was "concerned" about voting for Obama, because his wife is never with him. And where are his little girls? If his family can't support him, then how can I?

FIRST OFF - It's October... kids typically spend 10 months going to SCHOOL! That's where his little girls are. They made a parenting decision not to exploit their children and let them lead normal lives.

SECONDLY - Obama doesn't need to trot his wife across the stage like some sort of trophy. She is doing things behind the scenes. You know, PRODUCTIVE things like registering voters, talking with voters, etc.

C'mon people, are you really that shallow?

Random Thoughts

Campaign fighting - If McCain can't get a grip of his campaign now, how in the world will he control the White House?

Early Voting - I guess I have been real lucky. I live in Upstate NY and rarely have to wait in line to vote. There was one year that I did, perhaps 2000. But I would gladly stand in line, because to be honest, I love to exercise my vote. It makes me feel so powerful. But in watching the news, there are people standing in the heat, rain, cold, sun for 4+ hours to vote. I just want to thank all of those people. You make me so proud that I get tears in my eyes when I see it.
.. and then for the life of me, I can't figure out why... if there are people waiting so long in line, year after year, why don't they open up more polls? It's crazy to me. The consipiracy theorist inside of myself thinks it's probably an attempt to disenfranchise voters.

Lastly... for the 1 millionth time. - Barack is NOT going to raise taxes on everyone. How many people honestly take home more than $250,000 a year. HOW MANY!?!?! In comparison to the ones that don't. Don't let McCain lie to you. And even if you make more than $250,000... all Barack proposes is that the tax rate will go back to what it was when Clinton was in office... and everyone did well then, right?

Another Health Insurance Article....

Health Insurance for $5,800.00 a year? .. Yeah right.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Providing Health Care is "Pro-Life"

This article says it all. How come Pro-life is used only in terms of "abortion rights". Why can't we be that passionate about the people that are already living?


Tax Calculator


Please visit!

Under McCain, I would qualify for a $60 tax cut.
Under Obama, I would qualify for a $1500.00 tax cut.

It's really sad.

The stuff that the Repubs are dragging out at the last minute in an attempt to sway voters. I mean, it's really sad.

I can't understand who would vote for the party that talks negatively rather than about their thoughts for the future of our country. When you look at Obama, he talks with a purpose, an excitement, hope for the country in the future. It makes me just want to cry. I've not felt good about this country in a long time. I guess Palin wouldn't consider me a "real American". Fear and division is NOT the way to win an election. I'm am just hoping that people don't fall for this tactic.

If they consider socialism, wanting the government to help people, then count me in! I think there's a way to let the free market work, while providing for the citizens. Look at all the other countries that do it. Where would we be if there was no social security, medicare, public transportation, public schools, state universities, student loans. There many facets of our world that are run by the government and we do just fine. The 1% of the population should not be able to control all of the wealth.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Anti American

Who gets to decide the meaning of American? Why do the Republicans get to decide who is or is not American? I always thought that being American was wanting better for your country. If that means disagreeing with the status quo, then so be it. Being patriotic comes in all forms. It doesn't mean you wear a flag pin or waves flags around.

What is American about people going without healthcare? What is American about poverty, and going to bed without food in your stomach. I thought when we all contribute to the good of the whole. Isn't that what was so enchanting about the long years before us? When community was so key. You knew your neighbors.. and neighborhoods worked together to ensure that everyone was safe and taken care of.

This is why I'm voting for Obama. He's that type of person. He's willing to give up more of his own income in order to benefit others who need it. We need to stop this mentality of handouts are bad. Everyone needs help during their life. Look in your own family. There has been someone who needed help. Most people want to be able to provide for themselves and their families... and any time you enpower someone, they usually step up to the plate.

I just don't think any group of people can market being "American".

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What lessons is she teaching....?

Does Sarah Palin actually believe what she says? She was found by a bipartisan group that she abused her power as Governor of Alaska. Then at every chance, she says the she was cleared of any ethical or legal wrong doing. Huh??

Now aparently she's in a little hot water with the legislative bunch in Alaska over this. Well, I'd be upset to if she denied something that I spent my time doing.

Sarah Palin makes no apologies for her stump speeches. A lot of what she says are continued statements that have been PROVEN wrong, yet she still blurts them out. What is she teaching her children? That's it's OK to LIE? That winning is the most important thing at any cost?

When she was picked, she was admired for being a working mom of 5 children. One of which, is 4 months old and has Down's Syndrome. That IS admirable. But let's not mistake admirability for the ability to run the US. When listening to what she has to say , it's clear that she doesn't have enough knowledge of the rest of the United States, nor do I think she's ever cared to learn about any of it, except maybe the "Real America".

There are way too many lies to count. Recently she stated that if she were running the campaign, she wouldn't employ the use of robocalls. Yet, it didn't stop her from recording one of her own. If my child was a girl, I wouldn't want her to look at Mrs. Palin as a role model.

Monday, October 13, 2008

He's NOT going to raise taxes!

I know the GOP's are desperate and have to say these things to put this idea into voter's heads. BUT, Obama is not going to raise taxes. He's going to cut taxes for 95% of the people. Even the rich people will maintain the cuts they have now.

To put this in perspective. The Republican Party has been in power for *8* years. They cut taxes. Are we any better off? NO! We're in a financial crisis! And the Republicans expect us to give them another 4 years!?!?! C'mon, we need a fresh perspective to this economic conundrum.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Absolutely, it's a right!

What is so confusing to me is how ANYONE thinks it's okay for 1 person to be without health insurance in this country. We are the richest country. The billions of dollars we've spent in Iraq could have been used to fund a healthcare system over ride that would have gotten everyone health insurance several times over.

I've been working in the health care field for some time. Since a lot of my patients are older, I have a first hand view of what lack of insurance can do to people. It's not a matter of them choosing to "opt" out of the system. My patients all have Medicare as a matter of a mandate, with kidney disease it's a given. However, what you don't know, is that Medicare only covers the costs of their treatments. In order to get medications, which they all need several, they have to purchase a secondary insurance. Kidney disease is debilitating to some extent. Getting dialysis wipes you out. So many of my patients are unable to work. Add on top of that a family to care for. They receive a small amount of Disability or SSI (if old enough). This $$ barely pays their bills, let alone allow them to purchase an expensive secondary insurance plan. But, what is the alternative? If they don't, they will get socked for 100% of the bill.

I've seen patients have to give up their homes, in order to qualify for Medicaid to get some help. Why do they have to make that decision? Why are we SO concerned about the people that are losing their homes because they took out a mortgage they couldn't afford, yet people that are ill have to give up their homes to avoid large medical bills? This makes NO sense to me. And quite frankly it makes me angry.

Our system is broken. You want to solve the economic crisis! Then let's get some healthcare for everyone, so they don't have to spend every penny to extend their lives and they can use that money to put back into the economy. Everyone deserves to live. Everyone deserves to feel good. To, me that's absolutely a right!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Al Gore was right about something

When he was running for president 8 years ago... he spoke of the necessity to find alternative sources of energy and how we'd find ourselves in a global warming crisis. This is what he had done all while he was Vice President. Everyone laughed at him. No one saw the significance.

Look at where that got us right now. If we had initiated his plan, that would have taken 10 years to get us independant, we'd be just about 1 year away. This is the same plan that Obama supports as well as many scientists.
So maybe he didn't create the internet but....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yet, another misuse of someone's quotes.

Okay, so I'm cleaning the house and I heard about how Governor Palin used a quote from Madeleine Albright yesterday in California.

The quote was: "There's a place in Hell reserved for women who don't support other women."

Now, I think her point is that she is not being supported. Madeleine Albright has come out to say that when she said that quote, it had nothing to do with politics and that the McCain-Palin ticket is using this.

So, I just wanted to say to Governor Palin, "I support you as a woman in your job as a mom, wife, soon to be grandmother, and Governor of Alaska.... but NOT as our Vice President."

An introduction.

I guess you could consider this post a disclaimer. I am a liberal!! Yes, I said it. I am proud of it. It bothers me when other democrats try to avoid that term. When did it become cooler to be called "conservative" rather than "liberal". If you look at all of the time since I started voting, there has been 2 presidents in charge. I'd say my life was better when Clinton was at the helm. This blog is likely to be biased. So if you don't like what you're reading.. you don't have to subscribe. :D