Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Helllloooo? Palin fanatics!!!

I read a comment somewhere that a woman was "concerned" about voting for Obama, because his wife is never with him. And where are his little girls? If his family can't support him, then how can I?

FIRST OFF - It's October... kids typically spend 10 months going to SCHOOL! That's where his little girls are. They made a parenting decision not to exploit their children and let them lead normal lives.

SECONDLY - Obama doesn't need to trot his wife across the stage like some sort of trophy. She is doing things behind the scenes. You know, PRODUCTIVE things like registering voters, talking with voters, etc.

C'mon people, are you really that shallow?

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monkey girl said...

I think it's so completely cheesy how Palin drags out the kids everytime. But if she's getting the GOP to pay for her clothes, etc... maybe they are paying for private tutors as well? I wouldn't put it past her.