Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What lessons is she teaching....?

Does Sarah Palin actually believe what she says? She was found by a bipartisan group that she abused her power as Governor of Alaska. Then at every chance, she says the she was cleared of any ethical or legal wrong doing. Huh??

Now aparently she's in a little hot water with the legislative bunch in Alaska over this. Well, I'd be upset to if she denied something that I spent my time doing.

Sarah Palin makes no apologies for her stump speeches. A lot of what she says are continued statements that have been PROVEN wrong, yet she still blurts them out. What is she teaching her children? That's it's OK to LIE? That winning is the most important thing at any cost?

When she was picked, she was admired for being a working mom of 5 children. One of which, is 4 months old and has Down's Syndrome. That IS admirable. But let's not mistake admirability for the ability to run the US. When listening to what she has to say , it's clear that she doesn't have enough knowledge of the rest of the United States, nor do I think she's ever cared to learn about any of it, except maybe the "Real America".

There are way too many lies to count. Recently she stated that if she were running the campaign, she wouldn't employ the use of robocalls. Yet, it didn't stop her from recording one of her own. If my child was a girl, I wouldn't want her to look at Mrs. Palin as a role model.

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