Monday, October 27, 2008

It's really sad.

The stuff that the Repubs are dragging out at the last minute in an attempt to sway voters. I mean, it's really sad.

I can't understand who would vote for the party that talks negatively rather than about their thoughts for the future of our country. When you look at Obama, he talks with a purpose, an excitement, hope for the country in the future. It makes me just want to cry. I've not felt good about this country in a long time. I guess Palin wouldn't consider me a "real American". Fear and division is NOT the way to win an election. I'm am just hoping that people don't fall for this tactic.

If they consider socialism, wanting the government to help people, then count me in! I think there's a way to let the free market work, while providing for the citizens. Look at all the other countries that do it. Where would we be if there was no social security, medicare, public transportation, public schools, state universities, student loans. There many facets of our world that are run by the government and we do just fine. The 1% of the population should not be able to control all of the wealth.

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