Monday, November 3, 2008

My Breakfast Conversation This Morning

I am at work and eating my breakfast in the breakroom, when somehow the conversation of politics comes up. A young gentleman, who you could describe as poor.. married with 3 children... says "You wouldn't like what I have to say."

So of course, I want to hear. I'm not sure what point he was trying to make except that if Obama gets elected, it would make his situation worse. Okay, to be honest, it couldn't get much worse... he is exactly the type of person that Obama would help. We go into details of the tax plan and healthcare and I rebutt everything he says. His statements were classic things you would hear on TV...

*There have been inconsistencies with the amount of money to qualify for tax cuts. - How Biden was taken out of context when he said $150,000 as an example. etc.
* And that the tax cuts would hurt small business (it's not like he owns one??) , to which I commented that most small businesses don't earn a quarter of a million dollars.

What gets me, is this is a classic picture of a McCain supporter, yet he would benefit most from Obama's plans. So, it's true that people will pick up the typical bull McCain sputters at his rallies and run with it.

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monkey girl said...

That is the classic picture of a McCain supporter. Simply regurgitates their party line regardless of truth. It baffles me too, if a McCain supporter is not wealthy, big business then how exactly do you think he's going to help you?