Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My account on making calls as a Obama Volunteer.

I signed up at the Obama website a long time ago. I kept getting emails telling me that I had voters to call. It's very hard to do at home with a toddler, so I kept putting it off. Well, I finally made some yesterday (better late than never, eh?).

It was very interesting. Mostly I got answering machines.
Here are how a couple of conversations went.

** I called a young man, 23, and got his mother. She said he wasn't home. I told her that I was calling to let him know where his polling place was. She told me that they knew and that he would be voting tomorrow (today). When asked who he was supporting, she told me Obama. I thanked her and hung up.

** I got a 60 ish aged woman and she told me that she was definitely voting tomorrow (today), but that she doesn't tell anyone on the phone who she is voting for. I can respect that. :D

** I got a 60ish aged man in Virginia. He had the southern accent. I told him who I was and he said "Gosh, you guys are relentless.". I was surprised, "Oh, you've gotten other calls?" He said "Are you sure you're with Barack Obama if you don't know that I've been called?"... I explained that I was volunteering through the website and was calling from NY. He then told me that he was supporting Obama and was a little worried by what he was seeing on TV. He told me that McCain's "minions" were spreading lies about Obama. We talked a little bit longer.

** I called a 37 yo man, but got his wife on the phone who offered to take a message.

Me: "You are probably sick of getting these phone calls about now, but I'm with Barack Obama's campaign for change.....:

Her: *laugh*

Me: I just wanted to let him know about polling location and hours.

Her: We are both voting tomorrow, we're definitely voting for Barack Obama.

** Another man, in 70's. Plans to vote for Barack.


One Virginian told me that they don't have early voting. They do have early absentee voting and that he didn't trust that at all and that he would vote at the polls, in person.

It makes me so angry in this country that the one right/say we have in our government can't be assured to happen. That people worry their vote isn't going to be counted. It never seemed like this was so bad until that 2000 debacle that put Bush in office. I do hope that the Congress does some Voting Reform, so that people don't have to wait in lines and they can rest assured that their vote isn't going to get "thrown out".

It's beyond ridiculous that when they talk about it on the news, that voter intimidation seems to be accepted, that it "happens every year". I know that it's hard to pinpoint where some of these things are started but it's always perpetrated against the Democrats. Something seriously needs to be done.


cynthiaa said...

obama 08!! today's our day :o)

monkey girl said...

I have to agree. Everyone on our island votes absentee/mail in, don't ask me why. They don't provide any polling places. So when I mailed in my ballot last week, I have to agree I wondered whether my vote would count. The next day I read in the Seattle Times that the easiest voter fraud was when people vote absentee! Great! I just have to believe that my vote counts, otherwise I'll lose it. Unfortunately, these days many people I know, myself included, distrusts the government. If McCain wins I don't know what will happen. How much lower can we go?

Karin said...

How much lower can we go?

I ask myself that same question in regards to Obama winning. How much lower can we go?!

Hence, sorry to say Obama supporters, I did not vote for him. And ya'll can't call me racist cause I did vote for a black man just not the one that lies and has zero experience!

Jen said...
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Jen said...

Ahhhh Karin... typical response from the GOP.

and we don't think you're racist, just misinformed of the truth.

Karin said...


typical Obama supporter answer! I voted for a BLACK MAN that ran Independent--

As to not being considered racist-WOW I can sleep at night knowing that (rolling eyes) to bad I can not say that for a majority of people that voted for him because of his skin color only--you know those "ghetto" residents that can barely read and write and you want me to believe they actually understood anything Obama had to say--oh wait they understood "SPREAD THE WEALTH" . As to the truth, I know the truth-I value human life, think that hard work should be rewarded not penalized etc. Does Obama even know what the word "truth" means?

Jen said...

Karin -

Your lack of sympathy for humankind is upsetting to say the least. To stereotype people that voted for Obama b/c of his color as "ghetto" and illerate"...well.. sounds kind of racist to me. I'd like to believe that your not. Do you want to try that again?

Jen said...

You don't?

Karin said...

Nope I don't!

I stand by what I said! I am as racist as the blacks that voted for Obama just because of his skin color--which we all know is not racist at all!

Heck I voted for an actual BLACK man Jen, that has morals and values I agree with. Smaller goverment , pro-life, balance the budget and stop the waste, etc.

Here is the link to what he stands for... http://grid.ontheissues.org/Alan_Keyes.htm
here is an African American I would be proud to say is President!

So nope I am not racist I am just sick and tired of the give me give me mentality!