Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The face of the DNC?

I am here, checking out the days news and I come across an article. (Read here: http://tinyurl.com/dj6lw3).

Governor Tim Kaine signed a bill for NO state funds in Virginia to be used for embryonic stem cell research. Now, at first I think... Well I respect his right to his catholic beliefs... and okay so Virginia won't use state funds... but they can use federal funds.

But I can't reconcile that this guy is going to be the face of the DNC. He is going to be determining what way the party heads. Will he go against the President and the democratic party's platform to further his agenda? Because if that is the case, then I think President Obama needs to pick someone else. I guess I need more information.

Care to discuss?


Sue Jacquette said...

Do you watch Oprah? I tivo it and play it while making dinner. Anyway, she had Michael J Fox on and what they were saying was going to possible with stem cell research is mind blowing. We could be less than 10 years away from a cure to Parkinsons. How can anyone stand in the way of such science?

Jen said...

I like Oprah, but sadly never get to see her. That is so exciting that they are making progress with stem cells. It's so sad to see what's happened to Michael J Fox, although... if you believe in a plan for everyone.. maybe he was the way to bring a face to these awful diseases.