Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"You lost"

Dear Republicans,

Are you happy now? You are a bunch of sore losers. You take advantage of the fact that Democrats are the "nice guys" and you count on the fact that Democrats don't like to look mean. Well, Barack Obama has done nothing but reach out to you. He's held several meetings to get your ideas because he genuinely believes that you might have some good ones. And how do you return the favor?? You announce before the final meeting that you are all going to vote against it no matter what? Then you whine and cry about how you were left out of negotiations. When did any Republican go this far to include Democrats? This is how compromise is defined by Webster dictionary, --"a settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions". The key phrase is mutual concessions.-- You can't just have everything you want and then throw a temper tantrum like my 2 year old son when you don't get your way.

You are masters at twisting the truth. The so-called pork in the Stimulus package amounts to 1%. Now, I agree with you in the fact that there are several things that should be cut out of it... but you need to play fair. You are trying to manipulate the public into thinking that it's all bad. Meanwhile, people are losing jobs, struggling to feed their families.

And for the cabinet nominations... You have purposely held back confirmations, for what? To flex what little power you have? You are quick to roast Obama's set backs, but you won't even let him have his team into place? Free Hilda Solis. You have no reason to keep her from her post. You managed to get Tom Daschle to resign. You embarassed Hillary by making her wait a couple days. And poor Eric Holder.. he almost had to accept your blackmail proposal (a deal to not prosecute the Bush administration) to get through confirmation. Get off of it. Bush had plenty of people up for confirmation and the Democrats never went this far to oppose them, even when they had good reason.

Charlie Crist R-Gov of Florida said it best tonight... He supported McCain and even campaigned for him, but he didn't win. And now Barack Obama is his president and he will do what he can to help him succeed because he loves this country. The fact is that Republicans lost the election. The people voted for Barack Obama because they liked HIS ideas. You all need to respect that and give the guy a chance. I've heard several people "appalled" that Barack Obama would tell you that "He Won"... but more than that.. You LOST. The American people wildly rejected your principles. I know that's hard to accept. But let's move on. We've got a country to rebuild from the last 8 years of your failed policies.


A Proud American.


mommapolitico said...

Great open letter, Jen. And you are definitely preachin' to the choir - I'm with ya 100%! Keep up the good work - let's get the word out! Again, terrific post!

patrick said...

Mr Daschle’s frequent support for higher taxes when he was a senator and his unforgiving attitude towards tax evasion. “Make no mistake,” Mr Daschle said in a 1998 debate. “Tax cheaters cheat us all, and the [IRS] should enforce our laws to the letter.”

Mr. Daschle resigned on his own free will, because he was a hypocrite regarding taxes and Obama was a hypocrite when he said NO lobbyists would hold a positions in his cabinet in areas that they lobbied.
Good Riddance!

And Jen, we are giving Obama a chance. He was the one talking about "Change" etc. well no change yet, just the same old corrupt BS that we can expect coming out of washington!

Monkey Girl said...

I'm confused, you say there's been no change and it's the old corrupt BS in Washington, yet you've been singing the old corrupt BS's praises for months.

Just wondering.

Tracy said...

Here, here Liberal Mom!
I'm sick and tired of the way the Republican Party would sooner cut our country's nose to spite our face than work toward compromise that will help us all!
I hate to even use his name, but Rush's comment, "I hope he fails!" is a perfect example. "Country First" my ass!
Do you think they notice how...unpleasant and angry and spiteful they always are? Could that be why they hate us so much?

cancer mommy said...

Amen Jen!! I get so sick of hearing about how the Republicans are upset about "all of the pork" in the stimulus package. I don't remember any Republicans cutting the "pork" in the days when they ran everything. And now, when we really need some stimulus to save some jobs, and more importantly, rebuild our country, they whine and become the worst losers I've seen in a while. My kids are better losers than these guys.

As for Patrick's statement about Daschle, I understand where he's coming from. I mean, it did seem a bit hippocritical. And Obama did set the bar pretty high. But I've never seen the level of supposed hatred about these mistakes so high. Democrats didn't do anything like that with the last 8 years of crazies in power. They did what they could, and when it didn't go their way, they had to live with the consequences. I am constantly reminded of the Clinton years, when there was all that impeachment nonsense. I would rather have a President getting a BJ everyday then have a President who sent all those soldiers into a war that wasn't necessary, and then lie to the American people about why we were there. I think sex in the Oval Office would be preferable to killing Americans.

I want to hope that things will settle down, and Republicans will continue to voice their opinions, but accept when things don't go their way. There's a reason they lost the election.

ann ominous said...

let's look at this historically...

when have they EVER lost gracefully?

Roe v. Wade? nope....still complaining about that one...affirmative action...i dont think they like that one still...OOOH EVOLUTION!! i forgot about that one! I'm pretty sure some of them are still pissed at Darwin.

we all know that they also tend to oppose CHANGE so, why expect them to vary from history?

Jennifer said...

I couldn't agree with you more on this one! It's a waste of our money for them to sit on Capital Hill nit picking every little thing each Cabinet nominee has or hasn't done in their lives. I understand full disclosure is necessary when you're a public servant but I find it odd the "scandals" are only discovered, deemed important and news worthy when there's an election or promotion of sorts on the horizon! I'm sick of all the back biting, dirt digging, finger pointing nonsense that goes on in Washington which accomplishes nothing more than lining a politician's pockets with an easy salary they're not earning while American's suffer job losses & increased debt! I know it's politics and most American's accept it as such but folks need to realize it doesn't HAVE to be this way! Why stop at changing WHO sits in the White House-how about we start working on changing HOW things are run?

Jen said...

Patrick -

They were out to get Daschle from the get go, because god forbid we try to change the healthcare system. Granted, he did some regrettable things that he should be responsible for.

And give the man a break! Obama has been in office for 3 weeks, change takes time.

patrick said...

If it were just the Republicans who were against this bill...the Democrats, ~with their majority in both the House and Senate~ could pass it themselves.

The blame is being placed on the Republicans. There are Democrats against this too.

In the News on TV: Now, there are some Democrats in the House who are stating that the Democratic Leadership was "strong-arming" them into voting in favor of the Bill, when they didn't want to.

Gee...Why are they in the position they are? Says I.

Sue Jacquette said...

Love this.