Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Government jobs

I want to take a moment to discuss this.
The GOP would have you believe that these are the worst jobs in the world. They always say that people don't want to "expand government".

However, anyone I've ever talked to that has actually worked for the government has never complained about their jobs at all. They get damn good benefits, good holidays, and usually good working hours. Job security is generally pretty good.

I worked for the WIC program that is run by our county government and it had one of the best compensation packages I've seen. Health insurance was very economical.

And I venture to say that anyone currently unemployed would give anything to have one of these jobs.

I mean, after all... the Congress is a government job.. and they seem to want to hang onto their jobs... they have great benefits and pay... so why wouldn't anyone want that gig?

You also hear how the American people don't want to spend taxpayer dollars on fixing the economy.... Ummm.... Is there any better thing TO spend it on? (except maybe healthcare :D) With the economy in the tanker, nothing else works.


Jen said...

Suburban P - Just wanted you to know, I've tried to comment on your blog a couple of times and it won't post it, some error on page. :(

Sue Jacquette said...

I'm with you. I think the GOP problem is not that they think people don't want government jobs, it's that they think people don't want to pay for government jobs. Their belief is that to stimulate the economy, you shrink government and cut taxes. I get that. I understand that they believe that as strongly as I believe in national healthcare, but I say we've already done that. We've cut taxes so much we're in debt. No president in history has ever cut taxes while in a war. I say, shut up and try something new. Cutting taxes hasn't worked, try this, give it a chance. Anything is better than nothing, how 'bout we try? I hate that they are hoping it fails so that they can regain seats in 2010. I hate all of it. Argh!

PunkyBean said...

Gladly I would take a government job! My co-workers and I were just discussing how our local unemployment office has got to be hiring... Can't imagine the nightmare it is to reconcile their bank account! I'd be busy though...

cancer mommy said...

Did anyone see Karl Rove on the Today show this morning? Here's the link: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26184891/vp/29233460#29233460

He actually said that the Republicans were shut out of most of the discussion on the stimulus package. WHAT?!?!?! Is there anyone in America who actually believes that crap? Talk about trying to re-write "history". Truly nuts.