Wednesday, February 25, 2009

About last night....

I bet you're not surprised that I have some thoughts on Obama's speech last night...

First, I gotta tell you about my adorable 2 year old son. He was crying in his room, didn't want to go to sleep. So I let him lay in bed with me to watch the speech. Now this kid LOVES Obama. I think he finds Obama's voice very soothing, he will often fall asleep in no time when listening to him. But, last night we were watching and he kept pointing at him... Then (and this just cracked me up)... he started clapping out of no where... I said "Why are you clapping, buddy?" and duh! He saw all the congresspeople clapping so he was just following along. He did it just about every time they did, usually with a delayed response.

So, to the speech. I love that he was very confident, forceful, yet optimistic and hopeful. I think he hit the right balance with the seriousness of the time, yet hopeful for our future. Now, tell me that I drank the koolaid, or that I'm a sap... I don't care, but I got teary eyed... thinking about how our country could be! I love that Obama is so over-achieving for us... All our politicians should be that way. It's frustrating to me because he will be fought on this stuff, every step of the way.

He's right though... the best way to fix the economy.. is to fix all the broken parts. I've been saying that by making healthcare affordable, it's like a tax cut, it puts money back into people's pockets to spend. If they have to spend their extra income on medical expenses... well that's money they won't be able to use to buy a car, or send their kid to college.

I was watching MSNBC and they had a group of Obama voters and McCain voters hooked up to the dial.. and to my surprise the McCain voters often had the dial up higher that the Obama ones! I think as a majority, the people of our country want this stuff done, and I think they would even pay a little more to have it.

......and then Jindal came on. I wasn't going to watch it... but I have to say that I felt like a friggin' teenager getting a lecture from one of my parents. He was so god damn condescending, that it drove me nuts. We are not fools. We know that he is pandering to the right... because everything he brought up, the republicans had made a mess of it. He was an amateur after the likes of Obama.

A few tidbits:

--There is no 8 billion dollars in the stimulus package for a high speed rail from Las Vegas to Disneyland. That is a blatent lie, that repubs have been called out on every time they bring it up. It reminds me of the "Bridge to Nowhere". Palin kept using that despite being proved wrong. It's so ridiculous.
--And even though Bush made an "investment" in the Medicare drug program... It's crap! It doesn't work well at all. I can attest to this. My patients have the Medicare Part D programs, and they STILL have to pay outrageous amounts of money for their drugs.. The only people that made out from that deal was the pharmaceutical companies.
--I can't stand to listen to the wealthy people and corporations cry and whine about Bush's stupid tax cuts expiring. Hello! You have money. You can pay the normal tax rate like everyone else. It's not like Obama is gonna take all your $$, despite you trying to make everyone think that way.
In fact, I am going to write to the White House and offer up my $65/month to them to help get things done. If any of you can afford, I encourage you to do the same.


cancer mommy said...

My daughter LOVES Barrack Obama too. It's fun to watch her watch him. Love that!

That Jindall was crazy hilarious! I mean, really, the "alternative" the R's offered was a joke-- more tax cuts upon tax cuts. Nope, that won't cost us anything, right? What an idiot! And didn't he sound like he was reading a kid's book to us all? If that's the best they've got, they've got a long way to go.

Monkey Girl said...

Thanks for my daily political news update!

PunkyBean said...

Good Mom! My three year old loves the president also! He spots him immediately and yells and points. I just wish he'd quit finding him at the grocery store - I don't think that the Obama's shop in our neighborhood!!!!