Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm actually jealous of Missouri....

I am a huge fan of Missouri's Senator D- Claire McCaskill.
During the election she was on the news networks campaigning for Barack Obama. You couldn't help but notice her. She speaks so clearly, matter of factly in terms that we all can understand. She's like a next door neighbor that always greets you and that you like chat with over the fence.

I'm impressed with the way she communicates. I have become a twitter follower of hers (I'm still trying to figure out how twitter works) and she was reporting from the Senate floor the other night when they were discussing the Stimulus bill and it's fascinating to see what goes on. She can discuss anything with people that have dissenting opinions from her in a respectful way to get her point across. I love to watch her take on the big boys in the Senate. If you haven't seen footage of her last week arguing for a salary cap for bankers, you have to go see it now.

It's nice to see a smart, powerful woman who can serve as a great role model for young women. We have a lot of great women these days to admire. Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Condoleeza Rice... I could go on.

oh.. and while I was on twitter, I sent Sen McCain a couple messages on how I feel about the lack of support for womens' issues. :D

Edited to add: I just noticed that when you "twitter? tweet?" a link, it automatically converts it to tinyurl. That's awesome.


cancer mommy said...

I love McCaskill, too. I admire her ability to calmly, and respectfully, get her point across. I am still learning.

And yes, there are many women that are admirable. I have recently started having a problem with Nancy Pelosi, however. I agree with many, if not most, of her views. I think she needs to work on her delivery and communication skills a little. Especially since the election. I mean, yes, the Dems won the election, but that doesn't mean the American people want them to just ram through all the legislation they have been dreaming about for the last 8 years. This stimulus bill that the House passed was for the most part good. But she has allowed some of the "pork" to be included that really didn't belong there. And that makes her, and the Dems, look bad. They gave the Republicans a huge opportunity to fight the bill, and the country as a whole a chance to second guess their decision a little.

I am hopeful that she will take a cue from Obama and try and be more bipartisan. I'm not saying the Dems should allow the Republicans to roll over them, but certainly the Speaker of the House should give the impression of working together.

Sorry, I got off on a tangent here. I hope the sale of this stimulus bill goes well. And I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Claire in the days ahead.

Jen said...

I completely agree with you on Pelosi. She's got great ideas, but her timing and delivery leave some to be desired. :)

I feel like there are a couple other women that I really like, but just can't think of them at this moment.

PunkyBean said...

Don't for get Amy Klobuchar!!!! She doesn't get a lot of attention, she's a very low key person, but she's very determined! We need to get Al in there with her... Go MN!

Jen said...

Oh YES! I knew I was forgetting a couple. I love Klobuchar too. Between her and Claire, they made the rounds during the elction.