Monday, February 16, 2009

At what point?

Does this GOP opposition seem absolutely absurd?
I would love to live in a world with bipartisanship. And I don't think the stimulus plan was a great way to try to get that started. I mean, after all... it goes to the core of the differences between the parties. Democrats believe in govt programs and the GOP believes in tax cuts. I don't think you can distinctly judge the future of bipartisanship based on this.

However... when you see all the comments like "It's a GOP victory!".. that this is their "comeback for 2010"... That infuriates me. This isn't a political game. This is all of our well beings, esp those of us that aren't wealthy. Every little decision matters. You can still stand by your beliefs and make concessions at the same time. This is what adults do in their every day life at their real jobs. I know for one, I don't always agree with my supervisors decisions, but alas I follow them. That doesn't mean that I give up my belief that there might be a better way.

We ALL deserve better.


Laurel said...

applause. I agree. I'm so tired of the bickering and finger pointing. I'm not 100% behind Obama's plan but not sure what the Republicans have actually come up with besides the finger pointing.
I think bipartisanship can work if they work together for the greater good and not for 2010. And if they give ideas. I haven't heard much.
Love your blog.

cancer mommy said...

I agree as well. Republicans don't get it, in my opinion. They look ridiculous, and that alternate proposal the Senate came up with... what? John McCain calling this stimulus bill generational theft is a joke. He actually voted for the alternate bill, which was solely tax cuts, costing us more money now AND more money later. Is he kidding?

The more they go on this way, the more silly they become. I think they just have their heads so far up their asses they can't tell which way is out now. It's craziness!

Jen said...

Thank you Laurel! It's so good to meet you.

I'm even *trying* to give them the benefit of the doubt... Putting myself in their shoes.. I mean the democratic party was this way for years... but you rarely saw an across the board, planned vote of 'no' from the democrats.

CM - It seems like John McCain is just trying to go against anything the Obama is doing. Which is bizarre given how much Obama reached out to him after the election. It just seems like McCain is flat out insulting him...

The Suburban Psychotic said...

I couldn't agree more!I have yet to hear anything from the Republicans that would work as an alternate, only complaining and crying foul. I know they aren't totally responsible for the economy right now, but if tax cuts and random 'stimulus' checks were going to work they would have by now.
Did you see the opening skit on SNL last Sat about the Republicans??? HILARIOUS

mommapolitico said...

Couldn't agree more, Ladies. I think a certain amount of friction etween the parties is unavoidable, even necessary. We don't all believe in the same things, and there should be differences! But when bipartisanship isn't working, give it up and focus on what we know will work: building jobs. I am tired of having to see fine teachers laid off, having our schools cleaned every other day, hearing about family and friends (blogfriends included) losing jobs. Remind me, the Dems did win in '08, didn't we? This is why we never stay in power long - we don't play hardball and stay on message like the GOP does...We need to dive in and push through what we know will get people to work, and compromise, my A**! Great post, as always, Jen, and terrific comments, too, ladies!

PunditMom said...

Yes, we do deserve better,but unfortunately for so many in the GOP it IS a game. How we can get that to change, I don't know ... other than convincing their constituents not to re-elect them.

Jen said...

Suburban- LOL!! That was so hysterical... I love SNL.

Jen said...

Punditmom - You are right. The "politicians" have a tight lock on DC.. and they're not going to change their ways of doing things very easily.
I'm optomistic that maybe this era of transparency will help.
But, we do have to stop voting the same old jokers in.