Monday, February 2, 2009

Tax Cuts....and the out of touch elephants.

I've been hearing the same theme over and over and finally need to share my thoughts.

While I believe it is worthwhile to have some tax cuts in this stimulus legislation (esp to the people that make the least amount of money).. the GOP is trying to make the argument for more of them.

This has NOT worked in the past 8 years when it happened. In fact, look at where it got us. Most of the middle class either saved it or paid down debt. The higher class usually invest it. The poorer people are apt to spend it on food, clothing and other necessity items. Why would we keep banging our head against the wall after receiving bruises from it?

To stimulate the economy, we need to spend on smart things. Mainly, for infrastructure. Look at how this country is falling apart. One never knows if they will make it across a bridge alive anymore. We can't keep abandoning these projects!
States need help. With the large amount of people getting laid off, they have to provide more unemployment, food stamps, medicaid/medicare... and the states could not have anticipated this in their budgets last year and now it's too late. We can argue that many of the things that have made it's way into the bill shouldn't be there, but these 2 items I just laid out are the most important in my view.

I just see the GOP as out of touch.
One R -congressman (can't remember his name) tried to argue that what we really need to do with the recovery program is to give everyone
*drum roll please* .............

.... a CAR voucher.

You see, people want to buy cars right now but they can't. and a $3,000 car credit/voucher to buy hybrids will work!

How about we just get back to basics.


Monkey Girl said...


Can I have a voucher for a driver too?



mommapolitico said...

Hey, I heard that guy, too! And I just finished going off about the same thing...Yes, yes, and Amen, Sistah Jen! Time ofr us to quit wimping out and play with the big boys. As if the GOP gave any thought to bipartisanship while in office...the rich got richer and the poor got poorer and the middle class got smaller and smaller...time to reverse the trend.
And, MP, if you get a driver voucher, make sure he's a cute one! ;)

Jen said...

WHAT!!?! There are people out there with NO driver!!??
How do you live like that?

Jen said...

MP- 2 great minds... hahah