Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Requesting you....

1. I want to send some special thoughts to Cynthiaa.. a loyal reader to my blog.
She is going through something right now that no parent wants to face. If you could see fit to include her in your prayers, or thoughts, I'd appreciate it.

2. If you tend to check in often, I invite you to "follow me". It will make it easier for you to get here, and for me to get to your blog. If you want to stay anonymous, I completed understand.

3. I'm trying to figure how to use twitter. I'm JenZny if anyone wants to communicate via that... or if you have any advice how to use this thing to my advantage, that would be great. I'd love to tweet some Congress members, if I new how to find them.


Monkey Girl said...

I did leave a little message after I got your e-mail Jen. Honestly, we've no idea what she's going through. She is definitely in my thoughts and prayers.
I don't even have the words to express my sorrow for her. It's unimaginable.

Jennifer said...

Thoughts and prayers are going out now to her! I have three of my own and couldn't imagine anything like this happening or how i'm make it through.

cancer mommy said...

Sending positive, healing vibes. Don't know the whole story, but sometimes we don't have to know.

As for Twitter, I just followed you. I'm CancerMommy there. I usually post when something peaks my interest, but mostly use it to post about my blog posts. I don't have the time that some do to spend all day on that thing!