Monday, June 1, 2009

R.I.P to a hero to the Pro-choice movement

I've had to take a day to figure out what I wanted to say about this.

First of all, this man knew the risks everyday to his life to be an abortion provider, yet he felt that it was something that he needed to do. Abortion is after all legal in this country, despite how some people feel about this. It is a medical necessity in some cases. Most of the controversial late-term abortions are done when there is risk of harm to the mother, or the fetus is having serious trouble. If there are fewer doctors to provide these LEGAL services, then there could be more deaths for mothers, whose hearts ache at the thought of proceeding with it.

And forgive me if I sound insensitive to religion here. I take all kinds of crap for being an atheist.. but what kind of Christian... goes into this man's church.... where he is serving God... and guns him down in front of the segregation??? Please someone explain this to me.

I wrote a post about Pro-life that you can read here... and I still stand by my thoughts. How can you be so worried about lives that haven't been born, but not about the ones that are living like abortion providers and mothers whose lives are at risk? It is completely hypocritical sounding to me.


Monkey Girl said...

I've been reading about this since yesterday.
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and office workers.

I can only imagine the numbers of women who had appointments this week and now have no other options. I will send a prayer out to them too.

I'd forgotten all about our lengthy pro-choice discussion last fall...rereading it made me smile.

He truly was a hero, in the face of all odds, up against hate-mongers who threatened his family, home and business his entire career.

He is a hero for those of us who believe in a women's choice.

Monkey Girl said...

What gets me is...that almost immediately after the murder, police and officials were saying 'it appeared' as though he acted alone.

Based on what? The investigation wasn't even under way. In addition, the news orgs already found a link from as late as 2007 between Operation Rescue and the shooter.

So tell me how they knew already that he wasn't backed by any organization, when they haven't even started the investigation into the murder yet?

Fantastic Forrest said...

Oh, Monkey Girl, he didn't act alone. A culture that condemns a medical professional for helping women assisted him.

In a strange coincidence, my son was just finishing a paper for his social studies class about the constitutional issues behind Roe v. Wade, expressing his support for pro-choice laws, when the news of this crime appeared on yahoo. My son was shocked and outraged, and dedicated his paper to Dr. Tiller.

mommapolitico said...

Well, Kids, they found a number for the Operation Rescue senior policy advisor in his dashboard. Many conversations regarding Dr. Tiller before this occurred, and this has been brewing for quite some time. Feds dropped the ball by not acting on the FACE violations this crackpot already had going on - plenty of cause to bring this guy in.
The thing that makes me so angry is the fact that his murderer is being lauded as a hero, as if he were up for canonization. God damn it, that is so horrifying. What hath the right wing extremists wrought?
Great post, Jen, and FF and MG, I could not be in closer agreement. I, too, am keeping Dr. Tiller's family and his coworkers in my thoughts and prayers.

Lil' Woman said...

Great post...
I truly agree with your statement that they are hypocritical and what kind of christians gun someone down in church...that is sick..

It boggles my mind that the same people that support pro-life are usually the same ones pushing for the death penalty...what sense does that make, a life is a life right?

patrick said...

It's obvious Mr. Tiller's killer was PRO-CHOICE!

He chose to kill Mr. Tiller. If he had truly been pro-life, would not Mr. Tiller be alive?

Monkey Girl said...


And a Christian killing another Christian in church.

Pro-life+Christian= murderer

how sweet.

patrick said...

MG, his killer was Pro-Choice just like him :)... hence he is dead. How sweet it is, your right!

Jen said...

By your logic Patrick, everyone is Pro-choice. Everyone has the ability to murder someone else.

patrick said...

Yes Jen we all have the ability to kill another, but some of us value life, at every stage :-)

What happened to Dr. Hiller, while he did not deserve to have his life taken by another, just mirrors what he practiced every day-killing.

--Those that live by the sword, die by the sword.
-- We reap what we sow

Monkey Girl said...


Like I've stated before, since you'll never be in a position to make that kind of decision...your opinion on abortion is irrelevant.

Monkey Girl said...

Yet another old white guy trying to push his agenda and religious beliefs down the throats of the women of America.

patrick said...


Partial Birth Abortion what Hiller performed is taking the life of a child that could survive outside of the womb. That is murder plain and simple.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Even Sarah Palin considers the Tiller murder a tragedy. Check this
I found this other piece helpful in understanding why late term abortions are sometimes necessary.