Friday, June 12, 2009

You can't have it both ways.

The other night I heard Sarah Palin say on an interview that she is concerned about the government getting into businesses and taking them over and controlling the people. She has made many comments about her own freedom of speech being stifled.

So... Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing when you are doing the talking. When you have to do the listening and hear some not so pleasant things about your family... Well, then... that person shouldn't have the same rights. David Letterman shouldn't have a show to say these awful, horrible things, etc.

While, I don't think his top 10 list was very funny.... (I would prefer that Palin just Go away)... He is a comedian, a late night talk show host... He has the same freedoms of speech as Palin does.

But let's really get to the heart of this. Freedom of Speech. I think there is a difference between Speech and Hate Speech. There is a lot of sneakiness going on out there these days to incite hatred towards certain groups of people. And while, the average, sane person won't respond violently to it... there are people that will. And perhaps those with a public mic should really think about the things they are saying before they say it. It might benefit them for a couple of minutes, but can cause some real, long term damage to others.

We need to start embracing what makes us different, rather than using it as cheap, talking points.


mommapolitico said...

Yay, Jen! Great post. I, too, am fed up with the lack fo responsibility of the public media. I am a great supporter of the First Amendment and the fourth Estate, but the inciting of hatred is tantamount to crying "Fire!" in a crowded theatre. We cannot expect to throw hate speech out there and expect no one to respond.
All the while, the GOP keeps alienating themselves further and further. This sort of rhetoric helps no one, conservative or liberal alike.
Great job, Jen.

Charlotte said...

That was such a made-up non-issue! I agree, just go away! And stop exposing your litter of children to the media!