Sunday, June 28, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

When I was a pre-teen, Michael Jackson was my hero. I loved the Thriller album and would play the record over and over. Our stereo was in the living room, so I'd lay on the floor with my headset on listening to it. Back in those days, it was a big clunky headset. I collected the Michael Jackson dolls with the glove and everything.

His life is a tragedy. It started by being abused by his father and his whole life was dampened by that. It must be so much easier to medicate your emotional and physical pain rather than dealing with it head on. He was never able to just be a kid and enjoy the normal things that kids do.

Such a talented man. If he had been able to lay off the drugs, who knows what he could have accomplished. Such a short, strange life. But his music will live on. He was someone that was able to bring all sorts of people together with his music.

He was devoted father by all accounts. What will his children do now? He is all that they have known. He was a brother and son that will be missed by his family and various friends. I hope that he is able to have some peace now and be free from all the pain.


mommapolitico said...

I worked in record stores all through college, and never sold more of anything than Michael Jackson's albums (yes, we called them albums back then)! A great talent, and a shame that he had such a horrible childhood and had to deal with so many issues as an adult.

Really frustrated with the coverage - media just looking for the negative, drug use, wrongful death angle, etc. It's a shame that has to be the way the media is remembering his talent.

Nice post, Jen - a real tribute.

Jen said...

Thanks MP...

It really bothers me. I can't believe how upset I am about this, but it's a huge part of my life that is gone also. I bet a lot of people feel that way.

It is a shame how the news is playing it. CNN so far has done a decent job. I haven't even watched Fox. I've been watching VH1 for the videos that I haven't seen in a long time.

Prescription drugs are a problem. Doctors that prescribe them unnecessarily are the bigger problem.