Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Showing their true colors

Boy, I've never noticed before how clearly you can tell which Senators/Congressman(women) collect funds, etc from which people.

Just saw a note that some Dems are opposing Obama's tax haven plan. And how the Repubs fight against healthcare reform. You can tell where their toasts are buttered.

It's a damn shame, they don't look out for what's best for all of the people in their country... they just seem to be looking out for their own wallets and political asses.


Monkey Girl said...

Honestly, I wish that lobbyists and campaign donations were 'illegal'. That way our politicians would be doing their job...for us...instead of for big business.

patrick said...

I second MG's post! B

Jen said...

Haha OMG, something we all agree on!

Kelly said...

I'm there with you. Why can't they campaign on what they get from the government? If they all had to do it, they'd find a way.

Kelly said...

Not totally related, but sort of...

My company is really a big one in our area, with them sending our jobs to India it was announced as, "Downsizing" and the impression was given that the jobs were just useless and that the fat was being trimmed. No mention of 1,000 jobs going to India.

Many, many people sent tips to all of the major news stations. Not one word.


HUGE advertiser.

Who says journalists are the last watchdogs?