Sunday, May 17, 2009

Notre Dame

I just listened to John King interview a graduate that is Boycotting Commencement because of Barack Obama. But, her reasons aren't (IMO) accurate.

She said that it's not right for Barack Obama to use commencement as a time to talk about abortion rights. She would be open to a town hall style meeting where there could be a back and forth discussion rather than just having to listen to him.

Barack Obama was asked to deliver a commencement speech. Peroid. End of story. EVERYONE else has made this about abortion... so much so that he'll actually likely have to address it in his COMMENCEMENT speech.

It's so crazy. I absolutely agree with their right to be pro-life. That's not even a question. It is after all a Catholic School. But, how do they justify asking Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush when they are pro death penalty? Just seems hypocritical to me.


Monkey Girl said...

It's sooooo ridiculous. No sane person would ever think he'd discuss abortion at a commencement ceremony.

Give me a break. The Anti-Choice people always have to make it about them. Give it up already.

Monkey Girl said...


You were right. Since the anti-choice people made it an issue, he then has to address it...which he did, and I thought very well.

I just read the speech on Huffington Post.

mommapolitico said...

Sadly, Jen, as a born and raised, 13 years of Catholic education Roman Catholic, I can tell you there is much hypocrisy in the Church regarding political issues. My old parish used to put up political placards on public school teacher tenure issues and everything under the sun not three feet from the holy water font. Pissed me off to no end, so I switched to an old-school parish - one where they still have separation of church and state...
I am constantly dismayed that, while I have a strong belief in the tenets of my faith, as spelled out in the Apostles's and Nicene Creeds, I truly cannot tolerate the politicizing of my faith.
Jeez, it's a commencement speech, not a profession of faith...the Fighting Irish, God bless 'em, need to get over themselves! Way to go, Jen. And MG, you're's all about them, no matter what!

Fantastic Forrest said...

Right on, sisters.