Monday, May 11, 2009

The Big Tent

In listening to the GOP blitz... one thing really sticks out. People can belong to the "Big Tent" party so long as they ALWAYS support the GOP. Now that Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama, he can no longer belong to the republican party per Dick Cheney. Rush Limbaugh maintains that John McCain should switch to the Democratic Party. McCain is trying to make nice with Rush by saying that the GOP should not moderate at all.... even though he is by all accounts a moderate Republican.

How is this going to entice people into joining the party, if once they waiver against something, they're going to get kicked out?


Monkey Girl said...

It's all a 'good 'ole boy's club' anyway...

"It's my fort and you can't come in" said the group of 12 year old boys (i.e. the GOP)

Charlotte said...

I liked it better when Dick Cheney was hiding in a bunker torturing kittens. Now he is freaking everywhere! Put a muzzle on it already!

Monkey Girl said...

Hey Babe, where are you these days?
I miss our talks back and forth.

I hope everything is ok.

Send me an e-mail and an update.


Jen said...

Heya MG.

I've just been so busy lately, and I'm not sure why. haha. Thanks for asking about me! I hope you are doing well, I knew you restarted your treatments?