Friday, December 26, 2008

Let's apply for some of the TARP $$.

Look at the application that the banks have to fill out to get some of the bailout money. I've filled out harder applications for jobs, mortgage, car loans, etc.

I think we should all fill one out and send it in!

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Monkey Girl said...

You are kidding me, right?
That's the most unprofessional application I've ever seen. Looks like something my daughter could have typed up in the computer lab at school. What a friggin' joke.
Just as I always suspected, when it's 'their' money you have to jump thru hoops, when it's 'our' money just get in line and put out your hand.
I liked Momma P's idea she had months ago...instead give the money to the middle class. It'll help them pay their mortgages, bills, etc...and it gets infused into the economy all the same, and at least we'd be putting money into the hand of people who really deserve it.