Thursday, December 18, 2008


Okay, so I'm listening to the radio on my way to work and I hear the local news guy talking with a guest about how Obama has appointed a record number of Latinos in his cabinet... and then they followed it up with "..and they're all legal.".

How insulting! I mean honestly... If you have any latino blood... you automatically get characterized as legal or not legal? That's just ridiculous because a lot of Latino people were born here and have lived here their whole lives.

Where do people get off not showing people common courtesy and respect?


cynthiaa said...

This pisses me off. Badly.

Mainly because I am 100% Italian, my son (who is almost here!) will be 50% Puerto Rican and 50% Italian.

Monkey Girl said...

Look, I could rant about this subject for ages, so don't get me started.
I've been trying to post a bit about the new "border" check points hundreds of miles from any border. It's Washington's new way of arresting and deporting 'illegals' from Mexico. I put 'illegals' in quotes because that's a loose term around here. If they can't provide their paperwork at a checkpoint they are immediately taken to a private(for-profit) run prison and deported without any legal proceedings.
Gee, I didn't know we'll lived in Nazi Germany. I'll have to write about later, because it makes my blood pressure go thru the roof.

patrick said...

And alot of Latinos are here illegally, shame that they all get lumped together but perhaps we should tighten our borders and it would not be an issue any longer!


All immigrants with "green cards" or "working papers" are told that their papers must be carried at ALL times...there is NO Excuse for them not to have their papers on them at a checkpoint/border crossing etc.

Monkey Girl said...

I'm not talking about actual border checkpoints.
I'm talking about the 'new roaming' checkpoints that are popping up here is Washington, HUNDREDS of miles from the Canadian border. I live 2.5 to 3.5ish HOURS from the Canadian border.
In the last few months, 15 miles from my home...there was a 'checkpoint' not unlike a DUI checkpoint. All cars required to stop, all drivers required to show ID, all drivers required to let the cars be searched.
I've lived in a foreign country, and had a 'green' card. It would have been stupid of me to carry that around with me everywhere I went...and a little dangerous. Do you carry your passport with you everywhere you go? A driver's license is no longer considered proof of residency anymore.

The ONLY REASON I wasn't singled out for a car search is because the color of my skin. Every person standing on the side of the road was Hispanic.
What right does our government have to search my car or any other person's car without probable cause and/or a search warrant?

"And alot of Latinos are here illegally"

Are you saying that means it's okay to search people/cars/homes without cause? Without a warrant? Because of the color of their skin? Because you 'think' they might be here illegally?

That's scary.

patrick said...

Actually Monkey Girl I do carry my passport and green card with me at all times :-) just as the USA law requires me too!
And no Monkey Girl- what i mean plain and simple-is that there are alot of latinos here illegally.