Monday, October 12, 2009

When are we going to get the picture?!?!

Here's a surprise. The Health Insurance Companies released a "report" that states if the Baucus Bill passes in the Senate, then customers rates will increase dramatically over the next 10 years. They already go up 30% a year!!! I mean, honestly, how much more can they rape the system with a straight face. They just gave all of us Americans the middle finger.

There is a bright side maybe. Maybe we will get off our asses and get the Public Option in the bill. It's the only way to prevent the health insurance companies from getting away with this. They will never contain costs. They will ALWAYS raise the rates because they are greedy, corrupt, heartless individuals that let people DIE every day despite having health insurance.

Did you hear about the 2 month old baby that was denied coverage because he was at the 97%ile for height and weight. They baby only gets breastmilk. There is no way to overfeed a breastfed baby. Is this what we've come to now?


Monkey Girl said...

When I read this too yesterday, I just laughed.

The insurance companies are already screwing us over, but have our best interest in mind to tell us that any other plan would screw us over too. How sweet.

How about everyone take a number.

Last week, Washington state decided to not raise their minimum wage since...and I quote, "the cost of living didn't rise in the last 12 months but actually went down 3%".

Really? Because my energy bill has doubled in 12 months. Comcast has raised their rates. Phone companies are added on baseless charges and the credit card companies are raising everyone's interest rates because of their poor fucking management.

I'm getting screwed over by everyone, take a number and get in line.

patrick said...

Jen the insurance company actually reversed their decision and now the chubby baby has insurance =)

mommapolitico said...

The report was a threat. An out and out threat. Try and reform health care, and we will raise your rates. Well, damn, they'll do it anyway, as you said, MG, 30% this past year. So, what have we got to lose? This is the desperate act of an obscenely rich corporate welfare collector. And we must stop it now by adding competition to the mix

Y'know what's weird? Most areas in the country only have 3-4 insurance companies available to the average consumer (non-military, government, etc.), yet no one, nowhere in this debate has uttered the word 'monopoly" or "anti-trust" - kinda makes you wonder on which side Bacchus' and the ConservaDems' bread is buttered, doesn't it???

Could not believe the baby story. Most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Both Tweenie and Little Man were 99th percentile from day one. They are tall, lanky, gorgeous and perfectly proportioned kids. So, now we are punishing anyone that isn't the average...nice.

I am not surprised at all that the lil' cutie had his health insurance reinstated. Not the kind of press they need right now!

Great post, Jen. Thanks for commenting on this - needed to be said!

cancer mommy said...

I sure felt like it was an argument for a public option. What on earth were they thinking with that report? And they paid for it, too, which should always make you suspicious.

I think the reason more people aren't completely coming out of their skin mad about the healthcare system is that they don't even see how much they pay for premiums. I mean, every government and/or most employees with company coverage don't even look at their paystubs, especially that part about how much $ was taken out for which tax, insurance premium, etc. If people actually knew how much $ it was costing them, and then added on the amount that their employer was putting in as well, it'd blow their minds! I think if we truly want a better system, and if true reform doesn't pass this year, we should have EVERYONE pay their premiums in full on their own. That would really light a fire in people's asses.

And, thanks to the insurance lobby, we all now know exactly what they're made of. No morals, no ethics, no loyalty, just as greedy as any business could possibly be. Sick, truly sick.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Have you seen the vid from Will Ferrell about the insurance companies? The sad thing is that some moron consumers/voters don't seem to recognize it's satirical. They are so terrified of SOCIALISM - eeeeeek!

Here's the link: