Monday, January 19, 2009

Tomorrow is it.

We've been waiting and waiting for this day to arrive. All those bumper stickers that say "1/20/09 - Bush's last day"... It's finally here.

I enjoyed the coverage over the weekend. I was home most of the day doing things around the house on Saturday and I usually keep the EVIL MSNBC on so I can listen to it. I caught just about every stop on the whistle stop tour. My husband even commented "It's been a long time since we've heard him speak." From those summer days when you'd catch his rallies 4 times a day.

I'm very torn about taking the day off. My heart tells me to, my head tells me "no". I guess we'll see. At any rate, I've got my DVR all set to go.


Cynthiaa said...

Haha. Twitter is a social networking site. You can check up on your friends. Go check it out :D

Lisa said...

You can always go to work, thinking how about how many unemployed people there are. I hate when people say things like that. I'm just sayin', as they say!

Jen said...


Cynthiaa said...

I hate people who leave Anon comments, go check it out! I wrote about the Inauguration and someone left lovely comments for me!!!

Monkey Girl said...

Our Day Is Here!!!

Our day has finally come, and not a minute to soon.

I found it emotional to see all those tens of thousands of people standing in the bitter cold, waiting for Obama to take office.

We are not alone. On the faces of those people I saw the happiness and hope for change.

Finally we have a Leader I can be proud of, stand behind and support.

Jen said...

It was just a beautiful day.
I worked 1/2 day and watched most of the festivities.
What a truly inclusive man.

I loved that he mentioned ""nonbelievers" along with the other religions.