Monday, July 27, 2009

Listen up Democrats!

I want to give you some words of warning. You are about to blow a chance that people are literally dying for. They voted you into office to get us some affordable health care. Most of you are worried about the political outcomes of voting for a public plan. Well, I think you should be more worried about the political outcomes of not voting for a public plan. Because if legislation comes out that Congress without a public plan, you can guarantee that your asses are going to be out a job in 2010. How about you all show some balls and get this thing done for the people!


mommapolitico said...

You tell 'em, Sister! Jen, you are right on. I have been preaching to the choir around the Politico household, to the point where Little Man stops me and says, "Yeah, we know, Mom...time for some LBJ arm-twisting!"

But, damn it, we're blowing any political capital we have, and if this can't get through with a public option while we control 2 outta 3 branches of government, then when the Hell will we,y'know??? I am so sick and tired of us finally getting into power, and the Senate and House Dems can't get their shit together to pass health care. The Hubby is threatening to change parties if they don't get it passed...and he's usually Mr. Easygoing, "It's gonna take time, Honey." So if he's fed up, how many other regular Joes are, too?

Short, sweet, and powerful post, Girlfriend. Nice work, as always, Jen!

cancer mommy said...

Amen! I just keep telling myself these bills coming out of committee aren't the end result. Still a chance for some tweaking.

Personally, I think Obama should live or die on a Universal, national healthcare plan. Not this beating around the bush crap. These changes are definitely a step in the right direction, but no where near what we really need.

And while the GOP and Rush and Hannity can go around spewing such terrible lies-- like the most recent one where these changes are so the government can kill old people to save $ on Social Security-- I mean, really?!! I cannot believe how stupid some people are if they believe this nonsense, and 2nd-- the Dems should be taking this and beating the GOP over the head with it. They have a perfect opportunity to tell the truth, and get real things done, and expose the GOP for just being the party of NO right now, and a bit crazy to boot. But why don't they do this? Because most of them are spineless scare-de-cats afraid of losing their seat come election time. They are almost all in the pockets of the healthcare industry and big business, and they don't want to scare off their biggest donors. The whole system is in a shambles, and it really makes me sad to think how great we could be if we could just get rid of all the $ and corruption in our own Democracy.

OK, off the soap box for now. Thanks for writing about the craziness Jen and MP. I get tired of beating my head against a wall trying to educate even my own family (Aunts, Uncles, Mom, Dad). Sorry for going off on that tangent.

Monkey Girl said...

I couldn't say it any better...and literally don't have the energy to even comment.

We must get healthcare for all, not some, but all people.