Thursday, April 16, 2009


Okay... to my count... there are 2 states that have threatened to secede from the US as of late. Those 2 are Alaska, and now Texas.

Here's what I think. GOODBYE! HASTA LA VISTA!

Let's see how far they make it on their own.

And IMHO, it's seems sort of unpatriotic to me.


patrick said...

In an appearance at the Texas Capitol last week, Perry joined state lawmakers in pushing a resolution that supports states' rights protected in the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He said the federal government has become oppressive in its size and interference with states.

Numerous States in the past few months have passed a resolution that claims the state's sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Very PATRIOTIC of them, IMHO!

cancer mommy said...

Growing up I remember California, well, at least northern California, wanted to secede. I'm sure they're all glad they never got around to that now! What a mess that would've been.

As for Alaska and Texas, if they want to secede, go for it. It'll save the rest of us a ton of money!

Jen said...

Patrick, that's such a cop out. If Bush were in office, and say NY wanted to secede, he'd be talking all about how unpatriotic that is.

patrick said...

What I posted is not a cop out Jen...the States and not just AK and TX are passing resolutions that claim their states sovereignty un the 10th Amendment, at last count it was around 20 states that are doing this, OK just joined the ranks under the 10th Amendment!
It is very PATRIOTIC and damn well about time that the states stop cowing to D.C. and its corrupt politicians!

You do understand Jen that what I posted and what you posted originally are covering 2 different things right?!

Jen said...

Yeah, you do that often. Post different things that the intended subject. Some are relevant, some are not.

patrick said...

Actually the two go hand and hand Jen. You just cant seem to make the connection, typical!

The states are claiming their sovereignty under the 10th and some states feel if that is not enough for the federal government to straighten out and stop over stepping their bounds then the next step might be to secede.
It just goes to show/prove that not everyone had drunk the kool aide over the years and the ordinary Joe and Jane are simply put SICK and TIRED of what is going on!

Jen said...

I read the 10th amendment and I didn't really interpret that to mean that a state could secede. I read it to mean that the federal government could only use the powers granted to it.
Of course everyone will interpret this differently.

But hey, like I said, if they want to go, go! More resources for the rest of the states.

Jen said...

Oh and if I am so typical.

You are welcome to secede yourself from MY blog. :D

patrick said...

I read it to mean that the federal government could only use the powers granted to it.BINGO give the lady the prize!!!

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Thus, the federal government’s powers are limited to a specific set of activities – the rest is to be handled by the state government, or locally, by the people themselves.

More resources for the rest of the states.Or less resources if fewer states are paying into the pot.

Monkey Girl said...

I grew up in Northern California too! I don't think NorCal wanted to secede, I remember that they wanted Calif to be split into two states...Northern Calif and Southern Calif because they couldn't be anymore different and have different politics.

As far as Alaska and Texas seceding...go ahead and let them. Last trip to Texas was in 2001 and I swore I'd never return. I apologize ahead of time to all you Texans, but it's the armpit and crotch rot of the U.S. Literally. It's like a third world country I'd need a passport to get in.

And I don't understand the whole, "Texas pride" thing, please someone explain it to me. Because they seem to take pride in being uneducated, racist, sexist and ass backwards. Don't get it.

I'm sure I'll get some hate mail. And as long as Palin is in Alaska....let them secede.

Monkey Girl said...

Oh, and I second the vote to let Patrick secede.

Please be my guest.

patrick said...

I apologize ahead of time to all you Texans, but it's the armpit and crotch rot of the U.S. Literally. It's like a third world country I'd need a passport to get in. LOL! MG you have Texas and New Jersey confused :)

Kelly said...

Who needs em? Adios! See them survive without the funding!

patrick said...

Oh Kelly dear pop some more bon bons and watch some more Oprah. Shouldnt you be looking for a job no matter how menial oh wait Obama is going to take care of you on the backs of our kids and grandkids!?!

Jen said...

Patrick - You have no idea how she lives her life. You don't know for a fact that she's is not looking for a job.

Please, don't bother saying anything if you can't be respectful.. Don't make me moderate comments again, b/c I won't tolerate this.

Kelly said...

Patrick, you just go ahead and assume. I actually still have my job and am required to work through my end date. Although, thank you for your concern, it is currently very menial. I'm helping send our American dollars overseas and training my foreign replacements, all with a smile on my face.

Thanks for your concern, but don't worry about my kids. And yeah, they don't really care for Oprah.

Thanks Jen!

The Suburban Psychotic said...

Well I'm Texan (Houstonian) and well traveled, well educated and just slightly offended, more by the comments than the post. Monkey girl I'm sure you realize what a large state Texas is, surely you couldn't have seen all of it in your 2001 trip. I'm sure I could come to California and find some "armpit, crotch rot areas" to bash. As far as resources, Texas shouldn't be written off so quickly, do you realize how much the country depends on the ports and industry here? Obviously not. I'm sure we are seen as ignorant because we're in the South, and G.W. didn't help matters much (although he's not a native Texan)...Enough with the over-generalizations already (behavior I expect from Repugs, teabaggers and Fox news, not fellow liberals)...So we have a douche-bag governor who made a ridiculous comment about secession, it's nice to know that the rest of you are so ready to write us off...To me that is about as unpatriotic as it gets, and I'd think so even if you weren't talking about my home.

Sue Jacquette said...

I've been advocating that Texas should just secede for years. There's very little that's come from Texas that I would miss. Maybe Kelly Clarkson. She's from Texas, right?

Jen said...

You raise a good point that I was thinking about yesterday as I was watching Tom Delay talk about how Independent Texans are and how they don't need anything.

I feel that it's odd that the governor, representatives, and other powerful folks are speaking for the people of Texas in this way. Surely , there SOME democrats in Texas and I wonder how they are feeling that their government officials are so quick to sever themselves from the rest of the United States. But, alas... the Texas are the ones that voted these elected officials in, and I'm sorry but these are the people that are out there speaking for you.

Sure, there's ridiculous people and awful areas in every state...and not everyone in Texas feels this way but you can't fault us for going by what we are seeing.... ?? To me, if a group of people don't want to be a part of the United States, then I'm sure there are others that would welcome that opportunity. It's not a personal statement against you at all. I'm sure you would question NY state if we decided to become our own nation.

Jen said...

I just saw a poll that 75% of Texans don't want to secede.

Suburban - We'll take you in lovely NY anytime.

Lynngreen said...

Here's hoping that the talk of secession is just another conservative gimmick. As someone from the South - grew up in TX and currently in OK - I am shaking my head at our national reputation as backwoods hillbillies. Houston and Dallas, in particular are extremely diverse and international and they are both cities that most conservatives probably wouldn't want to claim for their own. And in OK, Tulsa has a progressive reputation. It is embarassing that our state has added to the circus regarding secession though. So please, remember there is at least ONE forward thinking individual in OK!

The Suburban Psychotic said...

Well there are some Dems in Texas, and the number is growing, YAY! Sure, I'd question any state that started talking secession, but is Texas really talking secession, or is all this hype from a stupid comment our (stupid) governor made. Perry is supporting states' rights, that isn't the same as secession and I'm not even sure why he referred to to it the way he did (other than the fact that he's an idiot). I'm proud to be Texan (gasp) but I'm not delusional. Rick Perry and Tom DeLay are on a long list of people whom I'd love to see have their Texan citizenship revoked.
I'm sure many Texans romanticize the notion of, once again, becoming our own nation, but I can't help but think these are the people who simply have no concept for what that would mean for their lives. (If secession ever seemed unavoidable here, I'd be long gone)Yes it is ridiculous, and yes most of our elected officials make me want to hide my face in shame, but the idea that, I got from some of the comments here, was that Texas is seen as some unnessecary drain on the rest of the nation (or at least CA and NY). That notion is ridiculous and I think a lot of it comes from the way Texans are portrayed in pop culture (always in hats and boots and living on a ranch) and not completely from the blow-hards we have in office here. I live in an extremely (linguistically, culturally, ethnically) diverse city, so the idea that all of Texas is a crotch-rot 3rd world country is just exasperating to me. No I don't fault anyone for going by what you are seeing, but make sure you are seeking the complete picture before you summarily dismiss a huge region of this country. A region that provides so much technology, energy and agriculture, among other things, to the the rest of the nation. As your president, I'm sure GW was no more representative of you than Perry is of me (and a growing number of others).
I follow your blog because I am a liberal Democrat (apparently of 3rd world crotch rot decent) in an area, and a state where I am a minority. I see the tides changing here though, and I am hopeful for the future of Texas and the US. I know the comments weren't directed towards me personally. I guess, more than anything, I was taken aback by the big "screw you" from fellow liberals. The Dems are here and fighting for our voices to be heard, please don't be so quick to write us off.

Jen said...

Well.. I'm glad you came back. I was hoping that you would. I have no illusions that NY is perfect.. I want be clear... In fact, if the people of Upstate NY (where I live) had their way.. I think they'd like to split into 2 states, with NYC being on it's own. In fact, I know I've heard that. I have been very lucky to live in a state that generally goes my way in terms of my beliefs, and I can't imagine how tough it must be where you are. I know my friend from Oklahoma struggles alot. In my original post, I was mainly referring to the so-called politicians that supposedly LOVE the United States but seem so willing to bail out at the drop of a dime. Please keep coming back, we liberals DO need to stick together. :D
I enjoy your blog... I've been trying to comment on it, but for some reason it won't let me. boo!

Fantastic Forrest said...

Suburban Psychotic - You have a valid point here. I have a number of friends from Texas who are awesome people. It's easy to get caught up in the "let 'em leave" rhetoric. The right wingnuts are driving us all crazy.

Like Jen, I checked out your blog and I really enjoyed it. I need to figure out that type of comment form. I just can't make it work for me on any blog that has it.

These are wild times, and we need to be careful not to get caught up in the hatefulness.

Oh - and on that 10th Amendment stuff? It reminded me of how Bush and Co. tried to prevent my state from establishing strong air quality standards. The former administration had no compunction about trampling states' rights.

mommapolitico said...

Patriotism is living by the rule of law, even when elections don't go your way.

Nonetheless, I say, "Fine, secede!" But before you go, I believe there is the matter of paying back all the FEMA money,border patrol funding, the money given to Texas for supporting the displaced victims of hurricanes, and by the way, don't take the bailout money if you're leaving. Because there are many states that can use it to get their economies cranking again.

Patriotism is more than just saluting a flag or looking out for one's own (or one's state's) interests. It's about looking at what's right for the greater good of these UNITED states. And if that's not working for Texas, their dear Gov can take his election-year-fight vs. K.B. Hutchison (which is what this is all about, after all)and leave. I'm good with that...