Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm all for being agnostic... but...

....not in the realm of healthcare.

Evan Bayh told Fox News yesterday morning that he is "agnostic" when it comes to healthcare.

Here's the quote:

WALLACE: But the one big concern a lot of the private sector has is the president, in his program, has as a — supposedly as a provider of last resort a government program, and the concern is they’ll be able to do it so much more cheaply, or at least in terms of the cost, that everybody will end up in the government program.
BAYH: Well, it’s a debate we need to have, Chris. And I’m agnostic on that as we sit here this morning.

I'm so confused. Obviously the private sector is going to be concerned that the govt could provide healthcare at a much cheaper cost. But, isn't that a good thing? Don't we want to lower costs? I mean, I can see why private sector wouldn't like this... but a sitting Senator?? After all, entitlement costs are skyrocketing... Why on EARTH would we want to do something to lower them. When is Evan Bayh being re-elected?

But here is my BIGGEST thing... I am begging someone to ask this of people who oppose the president's plan..... IF GOVERNMENT HEALTH INSURANCE IS SOOOO AWFUL, WHY DO YOU GUYS (Senators, Reps, Governors, etc.) NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR OWN INSURANCE?

If it so crazy to think of providing this option to citizens, why don't you guys purchase your own private insurance?....


Monkey Girl said...

Because government healthcare is the best around, I've heard even better than healthcare in the military...and if you have good healthcare you don't complain about it.

My husband and I have joked more than once that one of us needs to work for the government JUST for the healthcare benefits.

cancer mommy said...

I'm with you! For the life of me, I cannot understand why more Americans, and elected officials, aren't up in arms over how much healthcare costs us! And to think we spend the 2nd most $ for our healthcare, but only get the 37th best healthcare in the world. NUTS!! I just posted a blog post about my own trials with my insurance at my blog I'm off right now to fight some more about charges I should not have to pay. Should be a great day!

mommapolitico said...

Girls, you are right-on here. Above all the screams of "socialized medicine," you surely don't hear any complaints by those that the government does insure. Why? It's the best coverage around, and the price is surely right...single-payer system, for everyone, and the right for the government to negotiate for lower drug costs. That simple. Good luck, CM, on your insurance battles, Girlfriend. Keep fighting the good fight! Great post, Jen.

Jen said...

I am just wondering why no reporters ever ask this question!!!
I'm dying to know how they would respond.